Big eyelashes

Big eyelashes
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viernes, 19 de junio de 2009

Green Race Video

This is a video created by one of my student(Jose Peña) in my subject called "Technology , environment and progress". The following paragragh was written bythe same student.

The aim is to motivate people to change the conventional bulb for fluorescent bulb.The video reflects in a metaphorical way thatconventional bulb is harmful to the energy consumption in our homes.This idea is developed through a race between the two bulbs where eachone highlights their qualities. We tried to simulate a context that shows the constant conflict among these types of bulbs.Info:Make the switch to compact florescent bulbs: According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, if every U.S. household replaced just one regular incandescent light bulb with a compact fluorescent light bulb, it would prevent 90 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, the equivalent of taking 7.5 million cars off the road.

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